Executive Summary

Global Nomads Group

Connecting Young People Worldwide With Technology

4X traffic increase​ | 3X conversion increase | 2X contact list increase

Generation Z represents a huge opportunity for marketers. According to the National Retail Federation, Gen Z now holds $44 billion in buying power. Because of this, brands across all sorts of industries are scrambling to figure out how to appeal to this emerging market of younger buyers.

But appealing to Gen Z has its challenges. These buyers have grown up in a world of technology and have developed sophisticated filters to tune out noise. In order to reach Gen Z, brands must appeal to them with new, engaging methods that feel authentic and capture their hard-won attention.

This is what Global Nomads Group​ has managed to do with Brandcast. Always looking for innovative ways to engage with young people, Global Nomads Group uses Brandcast to rapidly update digital experiences designed to engage and convert a Gen Z audience.